Sergio Segura

He is the founder and director of Strictly Tango NYC. He is an accomplished tango show producer, teacher, and choreographer.In 2003, he founded Sergio Segura Tango Productions. In 2011 he produced two major sold-out events: “Amor y Tango” at the Highline Ballroom, NYC, and “Tango in the Castle” at Morningside Castle, NYC. He co-created the multimedia productions “Soles Ablaze” (Houston 2004), “The Anthropology of Tango Dance” (2006) and “Epocas de Tango” (2010) which were presented with great success at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, TX and at the Yonkers Public Library. In 2010, he produced the “1st NYC Queer Tango Festival.” It was a major event in the city featured in the New York Times and Revista VIVA of Buenos Aires. Sergio has produced five tango instructional DVDs, which have sold all over the world.

In 2005, Sergio created the “Learn Argentine Tango System.” He wanted to find an “easy approach” to the fundamentals of traditional tango in the same way that most of the socials dances are being taught in NYC. He investigated the teaching methods for Salsa, Hustle, Swing, Flamenco, ballet, modern dance and jazz among others. Using this research he created a very easy way to understand, enjoy, and dance tango.

In 2007, Sergio founded Strictly Tango NYC, and since then his school has been spreading the Tango in New York City and beyond. More than 15,000 people have taken their tango first steps at his school. In 2010, the school started to teach tango at the parks in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn giving people their first experience with the culture of the dance and the music. His school Strictly Tango NYC is very well known for its welcoming environment, great community, and the quality and method of the teaching.

Today, Sergio continues directing, teaching, producing shows, and performing in NYC with a lot of love and dedication.

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Jack Hanley

He was introduced to Argentine Tango in 1997 and was strongly influenced by Pablo Veron, Pablo Pugliese, and Puppi Castello. In the past six years his most important Tango studies have been with Sergio Segura, Anton Gazenbeek, Diego Di Falco, Annatina Luck, Junior Cervila, and Eddy Hernandez. Jack believes Tango is a joyful mystery; to experience its truth we must enjoy its endless secrets. As a DJ Jack strives for a fluid milonga experience, creating gentle transitions from high, rocky peaks to deep, soulful valleys. The DJ tells a story, and like any good story it should have a beginning, a middle, and a beautiful end.

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Christina Stone

She has been a part of the Strictly Tango NYC family for nearly 3 years. In 2011 she began training with Maestro Sergio Segura and teachers Matt Grubler and Ariel Rios. Quickly becoming enthralled with Argentine Tango, she herself joined the STNYC staff only one year later. She has performed tango all around the Tri-State area and at many events by Sergio Segura Tango Productions, including Tango in the Castle. In April 2012 she competed in the Argentine Tango USA Championship and qualified as a semifinalist. She teaches regularly at STNYC and hosts Stone River Tango Practica on Saturdays form 4:30-6:30pm

 Natalie  Laruccia

She has danced tango for 17 years and is a professional tango dancer, teacher, and choreographer with a background in classical ballet, theater, ballroom dancing, and salsa. She was one of the principal dancers and choreographers in the following shows:
  1. The Anthropology of Tango Dance: USA tour (2006), Soles Ablaze: Houston, Texas (2004), and was one of the foundres of the tango company and show “Siempre Tango”. She was also invited to perform and teach in the World Tango Festival 2005. She has taught and performed in Argentina as well as on tour in the U.S. and in Japan, and has danced tango in commercials for The Tourist Channel, and appeared on ABC news, NHK Japanese TV, Univision, Mexican Telemundo, as well as The Travel Channel,
    Natalie has studied with Raul Bravo, Roberto Herrera, Graciela Cabrera, Carlos Copello, Nito and Elba Garcia, Carlos and Rosa Perez.

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    Natalia Kansburg

    She has been a dancer since the age of 5, from folklore to ballroom to latin american dance and finally Argentine Tango.
    She performed and taught at a latin american dance company for over 10 years.
    She was a teacher, choreographer, and organizer at Roseland Milonga in NJ for 4 years.

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    Mika Oyaizu

    Her dancing carrier has started in her early age as a Figure Ice Skater. Later she became a competition dancer in International style Ballroom Dance. She has training in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Yoga and Pilates. She has received BFA in Scenography; theater arts. Since she has discovered Tango in 1999, she has been involved deeply with the music and the dance. She has been dancing in New York and Buenos Aires, studying with masters such as Juan Carlos Copes, Mingo y Esther Pugliese, Pablo Pugliese, Chiche y Marta, Gustavo Naveira y Giselle Anne, Guillermina Quiroga, Chicho Frumboli, Maria Plazaola, Mariela Franganillo, Mauricio Castro, Moira Castellano y Gaston Torelli, and great Milongueros among them. Since 2003, she has been teaching and performing in shows and corporate events; NY Dance Center, Stepping Out Studios, Lincoln Center, 92Y, Australian Consulate of New York, New York Athletic Club. As an actor and a dancer, she has appeared in theaters, films, TVs and commercials such as, American Theatre of Actors in NY, AT&T, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, CBS, ABC.
    She studies and dances different styles of Tango: Salon, Nuevo, Milonguero, Apirado, Canyengue, Fantasia. She is working to achieve her own style based on strong traditional techniques.

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     Dan O’Connell

    He began his obsession with tango a few years ago, throwing himself into the milongas (tango clubs) of NYC, and spending all waking hours studying the music, customs and history of tango in Argentina and around the world.
    When he wanted to study the dance in depth Dan chose Strictly Tango because of the quality of their teachers and the warm community environment.  He was mentored there by Jack Hanley and Sergio Segura where after one year he entered the New York Tango championship taking second in amateur.
    He has since gone on to study with many masters, while in turn mentoring friends.  When asked to teach at STNYC Dan was extremely happy for the chance to give others the wonderful foundation he received.  For the past year he has been teaching there where he emphasizes practicing respect for technique, and traditions while encouraging students on a path to enjoying dancing and participating in the larger world of tango outside of the classroom.
    Dan continues to compete, and has participated in various performances and choreography productions.

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     Matthew Grubler

    Bronze medal USA Tango championship and Strictly Tango Dance Company captain. Matt is thrilled to be a part of the School of Traditional Argentine Tango. Over the past few years, Matt has consistently trained in both social and performance tango under the tutelage of Nelson Avila, Sergio Segura, and Anton Gazenbeek. In July 2010, Matt with then partner Mandi Messina had the tremendous honor of representing the school in the 4th USA Tango Championship where they took home bronze medals in the Stage Tango Competition. Matt has performed at several important events such as “NYC Summer Tango Festival”, “NYC Dance Parade Stage”, “NYC Queer Tango Festival”, “Stockholm Tango Festival”, “Aires de Tango”, “Amor y Tango”, “Tango in the Castle”, “A night with Argentine Tango Stars”,among many others. He is the captain of “Strictly Tango Dance Company”, and with the company, he has shared the stage famous tango starts like Claudio Villagra, Romina Levin, Los Hermanos Macana and Nelson Avila & Madalyn Klein. His teachers were Sergio Segura, Anton Gazenbeek, Nelson Avila, Claudio Villagra and Romina Levin.

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     Lexa Rosean

    In 1995, LEXA was introduced to the MAGIC of ARGENTINE TANGO. This love affair is still going strong. Lexa is known for her leading skills and love of the social dance. In 2007, Lexa and Kumiko Ueki were the first same sex couple invited to dance in the Mundial in Bs As. In 2008, Lexa, and dance partner Gayle Madeira won the 1st prize in the U.S. Stage Tango Championship. Lexa held #3 position in US Salon Championship for 3 consecutive years (2007 with Kumi Ueki, 2008 with Gayle Madeira, and 2009 with Sarah La Rocca.)
    Lexa taught Argentine tango and milonga at DanceSport in NYC (2002-2004) and continues to teach privately. She taught, performed and dj’ed at Hamburg QueerTango Festival and Queer Tango Festival Berlin. . Lexa writes the monthly astrology column for Reportango magazine. In 2014, she completed her Master’s Thesis on a comparative study of Argentine Tango and Psychoanalysis.

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     Marcos Pereira & Florencia Borgnia

    Argentinian tango dancers. Sub Champions of Metropolitan Tango Championship 2015.Between 2013 and 2014, they were part of the historic “Café Tortoni´s Show” in Buenos Aires, for over a year. They have mainly studied with Daniel Juárez and Alejandra Armenti, who in 2014 included Marcos and Florencia in their Company “Corporación Tangos -alumnos-“, performing in many differents milongas and theatres in Buenos Aires.Moreover, they have studied with Carlos and Rosa Pérez, Andrés “Tanguito” Cejas and Genoveva Fernández, Fernando Galera, Raúl Bravo, Graciela González, among others.At the present time, they work at the well known “Argentine Tango School” (Escuela Argentina de Tango), giving lessons for differents levels; and they are also part of ENTA (Nacional Space of Argentine Tango), the National Government´s Company

    They are going to be in NYC from 23 October- 8 November.


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      Sabrina Polanco

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