Rainbow Tango Group

Tango is the dance where the embrace means acceptance… 

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OUR MissionRainbow Tango strives to create a safe and friendly environment for the LGBTQ community to dance, mingle and make friends while dancing the Argentine Tango

Nan and Andrea met at Strictly Tango NYC in 2011 and they Nan and Andrea at NYTimesgot Married on 2/5/16.  Read the NY Times full article HERE.

Classes are being held at Strictly Tango NYC, in Penn Station Area. 

Please, check the schedule HERE

Rainbow Tango wants YOU to try something NEW. Traditional dance roles are broken here. Dancers of all levels are welcomed.

All our tango classes and events are open role and “straight friendly”.

271de3c06e93b23ab61e165a997a89fcAt our special Open Role classes, whether you’re straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, you will enjoy learning and dancing tango without traditional gender fixed roles. Rainbow Tango promises a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Experienced dancers as well as beginners are welcome. Cash Bar. No partner necessary, but wear comfortable shoes – smooth soles preferred.


First Tango Photo in the world taken in Buenos Aires, and yes, it was two men dancing tango. El Diario, newspaper 1903

Never danced tango? We can start you up with a quick intro! No partner necessary, wear comfortable shoes – smooth soles preferred. Anyone can lead! Anyone can follow!

Rainbow Tango has produced several events dedicated exclusively to the LGBT community, including the first NYC Queer Tango festival in 2010, celebrating the same sex marriage in Argentina. More than 1,000 attended it.

Click on the image to watch the video of the festival!

Enjoy the video of the fantastic festival, celebrating the gay marriage in Argentina in 2010

Enjoy the video of the fantastic festival, celebrating the gay marriage in Argentina in 2010

Come to join us to the only LGBT Tango group in NYC!

Contact us: rainbowtangonyc@gmail.com


 To know our schedule of regular classes and events click here

Testimonials: “I didn’t think I could dance at all before I took a lesson at this school – I kept coming back because it was so much fun, and soon realized I was learning a lot – and quickly. The students and


teachers here are sensational, and the friendships I’ve made here are greatly treasured.

— Shien Lee, New York”