From Argentina

Visiting NYC from Nov 14th to Nov 23rd 2017

Thu Nov 16th

Performing at the Open House and “La Practica de NYC” opening

Fri Nov 17th
7pm -8:30pm

Workshop: Female Styling by Carla Bianchi

Fri Nov 17th
7pm -8:30pm

Workshop: Leader Technique by Eduardo Mora

Fri Nov 17th
8:30pm - 10pm

Workshop: Interpretation and Dynamics for Tango Salon

Sat Nov 18th
2-4 pm

2pm Class: Body conditioning for Tango

3pm Class: Creative sequences for Tango

Tue Nov 21 th

7pm Volcadas for Tango Salon

Cancelled due a last minute trip


  • Workshops: One $35, Two $65, Three $95 (save 5% buying online)
  • Classes: One $25, Two $45
  • Performances and private classes by appointment to

About Carla Bianchi and Eduardo Mora

Argentine Tango Dancers and Teachers
Carla and Eduardo are one of the most sensual couples touring the world today. They both excel in elegance, combining simplicity and complexity all while emphasizing the original essence of tango.
They have performed in prestigious Tango shows in Buenos Aires such as Homero Manzi, Café Tortoni, Esquina, Carlos Gardel and Sabor a Tango.
They have trained with numerous teachers such as Roberto Herrera, Osvaldo Zotto, Javier Rodriguez, Natalia Games, Gabriel Angio, Silvio La Via and Alejandra Guty.
This couple promises to take your dance to another level of connection and interpretation
They will be in NYC from Nov 14-23, performing, teaching workshops and giving private lessons at Strictly Tango NYC.

Carla and Eduardo Performances