Top 5 Reasons Sergio Segura is a BOSS

My dear Tango friends, I’m sure by now you all know that our dear Strictly Tango NYC director Sergio has had reconstructive knee surgery. He certainly hasn’t been absent though. Sergio has hobbled his way to many classes at Pearl Studios to teach, observe and inspire. I mean, how could you not go to class when he is there on crutches kicking your but with his slightly lopsided but still amazing looking molinettes. So this post is dedicated to Sergio and the top five ways he is a BOSS on and off the dance floor. They are in no particular order but there is an important one at the end to with a link to his GoFundMe. If you are able to help out our friend please click the link!.

1.) No! No! No! Oh that’s Beautiful!

In the same breath Sergio, as only he could, will tell you everything wrong and everything beautiful about what you just did. It is usually followed by “AGAIN!” until it turns into a “No! Beautiful! Beautiful!”  It is your way of knowing that you are improving but that you will never stop learning in Tango.


2.) He’s so Fancy

Sergio can make any simple move fancy and any fancy move look like a piece of cake!

3.) Shock Absorbers!!

We all remember the class when Sergio spent a good five minutes trying to remember the english word for shock absorbers. It was an amazing collective AhHA! moment when all realized that what he was trying to tell us had nothing to do with a car and its breaks. Although that analogy did end up working on us so “Use your shock absorbers” is now one of the many bizarre yet helpful Sergio lines.

4.) Keeping it Classic

Strictly Tango NYC has a reputation for teaching Tango, Strictly Tango. Sergio and the other teachers are dedicated to teaching the classic style of Tango. Keeping alive all that was discovered and developed during the golden age of Tango in Argentina. I am learning more and more just how special that is.


5.) Go Fund Me

If you want to help Sergio during his surgery recovery you can, give him a hug, and or head to his GoFundMe page He is a great teacher and friend to the Tango community and we all wish this BOSS a speedy recovery. 


Keep on (carefully) dancing Sergio!

Sergio knee 2


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