Make Time to “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching”

dancing girlI have been dancing in one form or another my whole life. Since the first time I stole my mom’s hairbrush and ran all over the house singing and dancing to Madonna’s “Pappa don’t Preach” I knew I had dancing feet. I have been drawn to many types of movement freestyle and partner dancing and I spent many years after college dancing salsa. It was easy to love because the expression of the music was so obvious to me. The dance was like an explosion and so fun. Ironically this is why I was so drawn to Argentine Tango. Its almost the exact opposite of an explosion, just as powerful, the Argentine Tango is like a quiet storm. This dance allows for a different expression of the music but to me just as exciting.

I go through ebbs and flows with my dedication to dance throughout the years mostly because life has a way of pushing the arts aside on the priority list. Every now and then in life I am lead  back to that question “What makes you happy?” What gives you the feeling of being five years old and that “dancing like nobody’s watching” feel?

For those of us who the answer is dance or really anything in the arts that is not our profession, we can very easily become swayed to push them out of our lives and labeled not important. As I get older I am realizing how important it really is to prioritize some genuine smiles in your life.


We are all busy and have many things we must dedicate time to. Work, family, grocery shopping, mowing the lawn (or whatever people with lawns do with their lawns) the thing that always seems to be the easiest to neglect is ourselves.

These past few months I have made dancing a priority again and the teachers at Strictly Tango NYC make it very easy to want to come to the classes and make dancing a part of my life again. I am riding the happy dance train and I am not going to just let it go so easily this time.

Jack & Nan

So my little rant isn’t an epic one it is simply a realization that I wanted to share. If you love Tango, please don’t make it something that you talk yourself into every week. Or that you feel guilty for doing because there are so many things that you “should” be doing. Take ownership of it and schedule it in. Buy a class pack so its part of your regular schedule and don’t deny yourself the fun and the experience of the quiet storm that is Tango. Doing what makes you happy is important. Just as important as cleaning your house….I promises.



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