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The new series of Stage Tango Training and special Workshops will start in June 2016


Tango show producer Sergio Segura is preparing a special program for those who want to learn exciting tango moves and perform stunning choreographs. Students will receive professional level training and will learn complete routines worthy of performance.
The Choreography Intensive will work towards the goal of allowing excelling students to show off what they have learned by performing at Sergio Segura’s events and productions

Directed by Sergio Segura, show producer, choreographer, dancer and teacher
With collaboration by Sabrina Polanco and Matthew Grubler, and choreography assistants

Stage Tango Training Group


Prepare the dancers to perform Stage Tango.

13 Reconciliation 3Description:
This is a two-hour per week intensive of body conditioning, tango technique and comprehensive material about the basic structure of Stage Tango Choreography, using a compilation [su_expand height=”0″ text_color=”#9c9c9c” link_color=”#e1e1e1″ more_text=”Show more and buy…” less_text=”<<Hide”] of traditional tango elements, applying them to music and performing on the stage.

The goal:
Understanding how to build choreography by learning the basic vocabulary of stage tango, applying dance resources to music, and related elements. These elements will guide the student in building his or her own choreography.

The format:
Every week, we will provide
Body conditioning for dancers (*)
Stage Tango Technique,
Choreography elements (**)
We will build a routine applying those elements.

(*) , Body conditioning is given by Dancers from Ellison Ballet SchoolIMG_3554
(**) Every week, we will cover specific topics to be used in the 3 hours Choreography Challenge class (such as jumps and lifts, entrances, variaciones, adagios, ending, poses, etc)

The choreography intensive challenge:
Every 6 weeks, we will create an entire choreography in 3 hours, using the elements studied in the training.
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What happens after?
The students will perform at events and shows produced by Sergio Segura and Strictly Tango NYC

Fridays 8-10pm, It will starts when a  minimum of 4 couples sign up, send us an email to to put you on the list!
Sundays, 3-5pm (schedule will vary in April). Starting 3/22.

Pearl Studios, 500 8th ave 12th fl, room TBC


BUY HERE! Walk in Trial Class (With reservation only) $35

BUY HERE! Walk in training class: $70, ST Reg Students $60

BUY HERE! Walk in challenge class: $100, ST Reg Student $90

BUY HERE! Monthly pass (4 classes) $198, ST Reg students $180(*)

BUY HERE! 5 Class Card (8 weeks expiration) $332, Reg Students $285(*)

BUY HERE! 10 Class card (16 weeks expiration) $630, Reg Students $540(*)

Stage Tango Regular students status: Cannot be absent more than two consecutive weeks.
(*) The three hour choreography challenge counts as one of the classes

Tango Castle 106Partner policy
It is highly recommended but not necessary to have a partner for the training sessions and mandatory at the Choreography Challenge Workshop (We build a choreography in 3 hours)

  • The school will do our best to match partners.FIRST to book, FIRST SERVE
  • Limited gender balance is provided in registration order. Maximum of two followers per leader. FIRST to book, FIRST SERVE.
  • For those ones who want to do this with an exclusive trained dancer: The school can provide a limited amount of trained partners for an extra fee of: $10 per hour floor fee, plus the tango partner fee (to be coordinated with the dancer)
  • Same-gender / Open Role partners are welcome


  • Some Body conditioning, balance, coordination, memory and attentiveness.
  • Dance shoes (leather/suede sole) required. High heels are NOT recommended for followers.
  • Liability release form sign (good health condition to perform complex moves)

What to wear:

Active wear (Jazz pants, shorts, sweatpants, etc.) Clothes should not be overly baggy, the body should be visible so that corrections on placement can be made. Dance shoes are mandatory. Very high heels are not IMG_3643recommended. Rubber soles are not encouraged unless you are confident that you can pivot/turn in them (dance sneakers are OK). It is most important that you feel comfortable and confident in your dance wear! Any garments that are stretchy and allow freedom of movement in which we can see your lines will work.