Stage Tango

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The new series of Stage Tango Training and special Workshops will start in June 2016


Tango show producer Sergio Segura is preparing a special program for those who want to learn exciting tango moves and perform stunning choreographs. Students will receive professional level training and will learn complete routines worthy of performance.
The Choreography Intensive will work towards the goal of allowing excelling students to show off what they have learned by performing at Sergio Segura’s events and productions

Directed by Sergio Segura, show producer, choreographer, dancer and teacher
With collaboration by Sabrina Polanco and Matthew Grubler, and choreography assistants

Stage Tango Training Group


Prepare the dancers to perform Stage Tango.

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This is a two-hour per week intensive of body conditioning, tango technique and comprehensive material about the basic structure of Stage Tango Choreography, using a compilation