Couples Program


What is the couples program?

At Strictly Tango NYC, we believe that tango is the perfect dance for couples. Whether you’re getting to know each other, seeking something fun to do together, or looking to spice things up, tango is the perfect way to enhance your passion, confidence, and communication – all while having fun!

We offer couples a wide selection of ways to explore the magic of tango – from 8 weeks beginner program for couples, to our tango date and class for couples, to our wine and tango date night.

Why is tango perfect for couples?

Tango is a dance of passionate communication. It is a moment in time separate from day-to-day stresses, where the only thing that matters in that moment is you, your partner, and the embrace between you. It is an opportunity to listen to and follow your partner’s needs while learning to confidently communicate your own. It is a give-and-take, a momentary relationship between two people and the physical conversation that occurs as they navigate each other and the space around them.

Tango is an opportunity to speak and to listen, to give and receive, to be close and surrender.

For more on the benefits of tango for couples, read
this fascinating article in the Atlantic

Couples program is Mondays 7-9pm



Full 8 Weeks Program  (Save 40%)

Product Hours Price
One group class per week 8 $240  Buy Here
Two group classes per week 16 $384  Buy Here

Half Program

Product Hours Price
One group class per week 4 $162 Buy Here
Two group classes per week 8 $259 Buy Here


Per-Class Card Option:

Couples: 5 classes




Couples: 10 classes