Social Tango Program

What is the Social Tango Program?

Our Social Tango Program is designed for all students who have completed our Fundamentals Program or have previous tango experience, and are ready to deepen their understanding of tango and improve their dancing. The Social Tango Program is dedicated to improving your technique, communication, bodily awareness, and understanding of new and creative tango forms.

The Social Tango Program is comprised of a technique class and tango figures class. On Mondays we meet from 7PM-9PM and on Saturdays from 2PM-4PM at our Pearl Studios location.

Pricing and Class Options

Monthly Pass – Social Tango

Product Hours price
One group class per week 4 $90 Buy Here
Two group classes per week 8 $135  Buy Here
Three group classes per week 12 $160  Buy Here
Four group classes per week 16 $185  Buy Here

A La Carte Class Card: Flexible expiration

Hours Price Duration (Weeks)
5 $100 6 Buy Here
10 $180 10 Buy Here


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