Its all about that styling: Strictly Tango NYC

Pretty-feet-3168    Let’s face it ladies when we watch a couple dancing tango, it’s not the guy we are checking out, it’s the lady and the crazy awesome beautiful things she is doing with her feet. There have been times when watching a couple dance, I was so entranced by the ladies footwork that she could have been dancing with Brad Pitt for all I know. Many Latin dances use the whole body as an expression of style; the arms, head, booty all play a role in the dance. The unique thing about Argentine Tango is that the dance is felt and expressed mostly between the two people dancing. It is said that Tango is a feeling that is danced. The only glimpse we see into their private moment is the place where their dance meets the floor. This for the follower is the place for styling and footwork embellishment. This is where you reveal the secret of the dance to the spectator.


Ladies have a unique style on the dance floor. There are some iconic positions you will use in your embrace that will allow you to fully connect and be comfortable with your partner. There are also some iconic ways the follower will move through dance. The broken ankle and collected heals are just the beginning to taking ownership of your part in the dance.

At Strictly Tango NYC Sarah La Rocca and Natalia Kansburg will be hosting a ladies styling workshop for all levels, which I am so excited for! These two women are incredible dancers and each have their own personality that shines in their dance.  This workshop will address how the follower can add her ideas to the conversation, express the music and be a more active follower. Also, how to add decorations and embellishments to the basic dance vocabulary and develop your own unique style.

Where: Pearl Studios, 500 8th ave, 12th, room 1205

When: Tuesday, March 3rd, 7-9pm

 Price: $45 in advance until March 1st, $50 after

Class will fill quickly!!! Reserve here

For more information, send us an email to

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