Benefits of Tango

Dancers around the world agree that tango is an excellent way to improve your life, your health, and your relationships. Why should you dance tango?

It’s A Great Way To Meet People!

    Tango is at its core a highly social dance. Whether you’re making new friends in classes, dancing with a new partner for the first time, or finding a staff and school that’s right for you, tango is guaranteed to get you out into the world and widening your circle of friends. Tango dancers attend milongas, or social dances, held weekly around the city, that are a fantastic way to mingle and show off your moves in a friendly environment.

It’s Fantastic For Your Health

    Tango is a low-impact cardio that also tones all of your muscles – from the embrace to the footwork, you’ll be conditioning your body to be better balanced, graceful, and strong. Sit at a desk at work all week? Tango is a great way to get your blood moving, burn calories, and find your toned, sexy self. Your mental health is included in this – tango is relaxing and focusing – leave your troubles at the door and get lost in a dance (or 10!).

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It’s Leads to a Sizzling, Communicative Relationship

    Tango is a sensual dance in which partners solely communicate through the movement and interconnectedness of their bodies. Dance partners learn to read each other’s bodies and anticipate their next move, which leads to strong communication both on and off the dance floor. The moves of tango are intimate and expressive, creating a sensual feeling that leaves the dancers feeling sexy and beautiful.

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It’s Great for Any Age or Body Type

Unlike many other dances, Tango is more expressive storytelling than fast rebounding on rhythm. No matter your age, body type, or skill level, you will find success and growth in tango as you learn to communicate with your partner and develop awareness of your own body. Tango is used therapeutically throughout the world, and is currently being used in several Parkinson’s studies for posture, balance, and body awareness. It’s a great way of getting to know – and love – yourself and your body for who you are.

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