I don’t know anything about tango. Can I attend the class?

We place special focus on Totally Beginners. Here you will learn tango in a friendly and supportive community of tango dancer.

Do I need to bring a partner to the classes or workshops?

You don’t need a partner to take a class or workshop. In our school we encourage our student to exchange partner in order to develop their skills as leaders and followers

What shoes/clothes should I wear? / Do I have to wear high heels?

You should wear comfortable shoes and clothes (no rubber soles preferred).  High heels are not necessary. Make sure you will be comfortable on them. If you already have other dance shoes (salsa/ballroom, etc) you can bring them.

There is not an specific dress code for classes. Feel comfortable. Classes are an excellent opportunity to mingle, so “be yourself”

Do you accept cash/checks/credit cards ?

For your convenience we accept Credit/Debit cards, cash and checks. You can also pay online through our website to reserve your space and save money.

Can I pay online? Can I pay at the studio?

Yes, you can pay in advance through our website or you can pay at the studio the same day.

Do I need to pre-register for classes?

Yes. We want to make sure about the space and gender balance, etc. We encourage you to email us atstrictlytangonyc@gmail.com to reserve your space.

How is the gender/leader-follower balance in class?

It is not easy to predict. The school has gender balance assistants, also same gender dance is welcome. Pre-Registering it is the best way to predict it.

I have done ballroom-style tango/some other ballroom dance before. Can I take the intermediate level class?

Each school has a different way of teaching. Our system is the basis for everything we teach. It is a simple method of dancing pure and authentic Argentine Tango in a natural way, using technique according to each body type and age. We recommend you take our special Tango for Fast Learners Workshop or just a couple of private lessons to understand the basics. You will be introduced to all of the basics you need to dance with elegance and confidence in our intermediate level classes.

When can I start?

Students may start anytime during the month, just attending our introductory tango classes. Then you can join us to our monthly beginners program (8 classes). After that month, you are ready to the next level. It is strongly recommended to take the classes chronologically. Typically cycles begin on the 1st Saturday and Monday of the month. However, major holidays and holiday weekends may cause classes to be rescheduled. Please check our $10 Intro Class schedule for the dates of upcoming cycles

How long does it take to learn tango?

The time it takes to learn tango depends on each person, their abilities and limitations. However, it is guaranteed you will be dancing at the end of the your first class

Do you teach private lessons?

Yes, we do. Private lessons are the very best way to learn tango well as the teacher is 100% dedicated to you. Great attention will be paid to detail so that you can develop a dance technique according to your body type, age and physical conditions. These lessons are 55 minutes for up to two people. There are packages at greatly discounted prices

What size of classes do you run?

From 6 to 20 people maximum

Where can I find tango music?

The best way is Pandora, just write argentine tango in the search